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Best Helicopter Rental service in Dubai 2024

Best Helicopter Rental service in Dubai is offered by Mc Prime services. Dubai is a vibrant city well-known for its magnificent buildings, landmarks, and other features that provide an amazing aerial view. Imagine yourself flying through the skies of Dubai in a private jet or helicopter and taking in the fantastic sight of the city from an aerial perspective.

If you’re searching where to find service, this is superb; look no further. Our extensive fleet of lavish planes Helicopter Rental service at MC Prime Services offers the ideal solutions for elevating your trip to Dubai.

MC Prime Services is a professional when it comes to luxury private aircraft and helicopters for travel to and from Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. We offer our customers access to our select line of private planes and helicopters at the most affordable prices on the market.

Our planes offer the luxury of travelling to any location in the world, while our Helicopter Rental service allow you to take in the breathtaking views of Dubai from the air. MC Prime Services is your most excellent choice in Dubai, whether you’re a family looking for a luxurious vacation or an individual travelling on business.

Helicopters allow you to take an aerial tour of Dubai, view iconic landmarks, fly above the Burj Khalifa or witness the desert. With Helicopter Rental service, you can take in Dubai’s beautiful grandeur from a different angle.

Our rental helicopter service allows you to avoid Dubai’s heavy traffic and cruise around the city comfortably and in style. Many premium hotels and villas include helipads, enabling you to land and travel fast around the city.

This service offers incredible excitement, allowing you to experience the city in the most luxurious and exciting way possible. MC Prime Service is your most reliable partner for making great memories.

Whether you’re a businessperson seeking efficient travel, a family on a private trip, or a couple looking to enjoy a special occasion, we offer specific and luxurious private jet or Helicopter Rental service in Dubai.

Benefits of Private Jet or Helicopter Rental service

  • Avoid hassle, long queues, and security checks typical of commercial flights.
  • Enjoy a VIP and luxury experience with your departure schedule.
  • Access private terminals for a smooth experience.

Privacy and Security:

  • Experience complete privacy with a dedicated jet or helicopter for your family.
  • Maintain discretion and control over your travel environment.
  • Work, relax, and feel secure in a private setting.


Fly directly to your destinations without the delays of commercial flights.


Land in smaller localities with smaller airports is not accessible to commercial aeroplanes.
Gain global accessibility and flexibility in your travel options.

Our Fleet

At MC Prime Services, we offer a diverse fleet of luxurious aircraft to meet your specific needs and preferences:

Light Jets: Ideal for comfortable and Best Helicopter Rental service in Dubai travel on shorter trips, perfect for smaller groups.

Mid-Size Jets: Providing a spacious environment, these jets are great for medium-range business or leisure travel.
Heavy Jets: Ultimate options for long-distance travel, featuring expansive cabins, advanced entertainment systems, and luxurious comfort.

Luxury Helicopters: Offering the most comfortable and luxurious experience for aerial views and VIP travel.
Why Choose MC Prime Services for Private Jet & Helicopter Rental service

Experience: Benefit from our extensive experience in the field, catering to various clients, including VIPs and royalty, and handling rescue situations with utmost professionalism.

Global Coverage: Enjoy seamless travel anywhere you want to fly to or from, as we offer global coverage with our private jet and Helicopter Rental service.

Choice of Aircraft: Explore various aircraft options tailored to your needs, ensuring you can choose the perfect aircraft for your journey.


What are the benefits of using a private jet or helicopter charter service?

The benefits of using a private jet or helicopter charter service include:

Smooth and hassle-free travel.

Enjoy an aerial view of Dubai while visiting and exploring the city.

How much does it cost to charter a private jet or Helicopter Rental service?

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The requirements of our clients, the kind of aircraft, the distance to be flown, the amenities they want, and the fuel cost all affect how much it costs to charter a private jet or helicopter. Please get in touch with us for a personalized quote.

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